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What are SEO Keywords?

A picture of keywords and meaning
A picture of keywords and meaning

Definition: SEO keywords are words or phrases that people type into search engines when they're looking for something. These keywords help a website show up in search results.

Why They Matter: Keywords help websites get noticed by search engines. If a website uses the right keywords, more people will find it when they search for those words.

Url www and https
Url www and https

Why Are Keywords Important in Digital Marketing?

Visibility: If a website uses good keywords, it can appear higher in search results. This makes it easier for people to find the website when they search for something.

Traffic: Keywords can bring more visitors to a website. If a website uses words that people search for, those people are more likely to visit the website.

A picture of the word and definition of benefits
A picture of the word and definition of benefits

Benefits of Using SEO Keywords for a Company

More Visitors: Good keywords can attract more people to a website. This isn't just any visitors, but the right kind of visitors who are interested in what the website offers.

Better Experience for Visitors: When a website uses relevant keywords, it can provide more useful information that matches what visitors are looking for. This makes visitors happy and they might stay on the site longer.

Trusted by Customers: If a website often shows up in search results, people start to trust it more. They think of the website as a good source for information or products.

More Sales: Keywords can help bring visitors who are ready to buy or sign up for something. This means the website can make more sales or get more sign-ups.

Saves Money: SEO is a cost-effective way to bring visitors to a site. Unlike ads that cost money every time someone clicks, SEO doesn't cost extra when someone visits a website.

A picture of a chess piece with the competitors down
A picture of a chess piece with the competitors down

How to Find the Right Keywords

Tools to Use: There are tools like Google Keyword Planner that can help find good keywords. These tools show what words people are searching for.

Check Competitors: It’s helpful to see what keywords competitors are using. This can give ideas on what keywords might work well.

Focus on Specific Keywords: Long-tail keywords are longer phrases that are very specific. They are good because there's less competition and they attract visitors who are more likely to take action like buying something.

Social media engagements and reactions
Social media engagements and reactions

Using Keywords with Other Marketing

Content: Keywords should help guide what kind of articles or blogs are written on a website. This makes sure the content is useful and interesting to visitors.

Social Media: Using keywords in social media posts can help those posts show up in searches too.

Ads: Using the same keywords in ads and in SEO can make marketing efforts more effective.

A man with a magnifying glass searching
A man with a magnifying glass searching

Keeping Track of Keywords

Watching How They Do: It's important to keep an eye on how well keywords are working. There are tools that can show how often people visit a website based on different keywords.

Important Things to Watch: Look at how many people click on the website, how many people buy something after visiting, and how often the website appears in search results.


Recap: SEO keywords help a website show up in search results, which brings more visitors and can increase sales.

Action Step: It's good for businesses to regularly check their keywords and make sure they are using the best ones in their website and ads.

This version breaks down the topic into simpler terms, making it more accessible for a younger or less experienced audience.

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