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Single Page Website

A single page website, as the name suggests, is a website that consists of only one page. Unlike traditional multi-page websites, where content is spread across multiple interconnected pages, a single page website condenses all the essential information onto a single, vertically-scrolling page. Visitors can navigate through different sections of the website by scrolling or clicking on navigation links within the page itself.

Single page websites are often used for simpler purposes or specific types of content, such as portfolios, landing pages, event promotions, product showcases, or personal websites. They are characterized by their simplicity, streamlined design, and focused messaging.

Design Includes:


  • Header

  • Hero Section

  • About Section

  • Service/Features Section

  • Testimonials (Limit 3)

  • Contact Section

  • Social Media Integration

  • Footer

Also Includes:

  • Website Optimization (Desktop & Mobile

  • Basic SEO

  • 2 Revisions

Does Not Include: (Can be purchased)

  • Website Domain

  • Business Email

  • Business Phone

  • Advanced SEO Setup

  • Quarterly SEO Updates

  • Monthly Maintenance

  • Monthly Hosting & Security

  • Website Content

  • Website Compliance Policies

Starting Price: $500

Website Maintenance Plan

With one of our plans, PBS can handle the management and maintenance of your website.

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