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What is a CLASSIC Website?

A classic website is a type of website that typically includes a set of web pages with text, images, and multimedia content that are organized into a coherent structure. A standard website can be built for a variety of purposes, including business, personal, or informational.

The structure of a classic website typically includes a homepage, which serves as the main entry point for visitors and provides an overview of the website's content. Other pages on the website may include an "About" page, which provides information about the website owner or organization, a "Services" or "Products" page, which describes what the website offers, a "Contact" page, which provides information on how to get in touch with the website owner, and various other pages that provide information on specific topics related to the website's content.


  • 5 to 10 Page Layout Design

  • 1 Basic Contact Form

  • Basic SEO Setup

  • Website Optimization

  • Lightbox (used for promotions, subscriptions, and announcements)

  • Image Gallery

  • Google Review Button

  • Instagram Feed 

  • Chat Box

  • Website Training with Client (30-60 minute training for basic website maintenance)


  • Additional Pages

  • Logo Design

  • Customer Review & Testimonials 

  • Advanced FAQ Page 

  • Content Creation 

  • Blog

  • Advanced Form Development

  • Booking System

  • Event System

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