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What is a ONE-PAGE Website?

A one-page website has an organized design on a single web page, with many images and minimal text. The long-scrolling design is one of the best website layouts, as it allows you to control the order in which visitors see your content. The easy-to-maintain format adapts well for mobile websites, too. A classic website, on the other hand, is how most people would envision the different parts of a site: a homepage linking to other pages, such as a contact page, a service page, and an FAQ page.

Reasons you might use a one-page website:

  • You have short-form content, like a landing page, CV, photography portfolio, wedding website, or any event-related website.

  • You have a clear goal that you want your users to achieve.

  • You have limited time and resources and need to create a website quickly.

  • You want your site to be compatible across a wide range of devices. 

  • You can fit all your content on one linear page. 

  • You want a faster-loading page and better website performance. 

If you have a lot of crucial content, such as product or service pages in an online store, you should choose a classic, multi-page website. This means you will dedicate a page to each category of content and will enable you to use long, thorough descriptions. For example, if you want to create a blog, this classic format will allow a user to browse through your individual articles.

Untitled design - 2022-12-24T143258.497.png


  • One-Page Layout Design

  • 1 Basic Contact Form

  • Basic SEO Setup

  • Website Optimization

  • Lightbox (used for promotions, subscriptions, and announcements)

  • Image Gallery

  • Google Review Button

  • Instagram Feed 

  • Chat Box

  • Website Training with Client (30-60 minute training for basic website maintenance)


  • Additional Pages

  • Logo Design

  • Customer Review & Testimonials 

  • Advanced FAQ Page 

  • Content Creation 

  • Blog

  • Advanced Form Development

  • Booking System

  • Event System

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